Baptist Children's Homes serves all 100 counties of North Carolina through 19 statewide locations.
Founded November 11, 1885. Mission is to provide the highest quality of Christian services to children, adults, and families in a caring culture of measurable excellence. Vision is sharing hope...changing lives. Total served in 2014 was 15,690
Serving all 100 counties of North Carolina through 19 statewide locations.

The children who live at Baptist Children’s Homes (BCH) are not strangers. They come to us from your community. They attend schools in your area. They are often your neighbors. In addition to offering care for these precious children, BCH also provides group homes for developmentally disabled adults, services for aging adults and an orphanage in Xela,Guatemala that cares for impoverished children. 



Family Crisis.  Sometimes children come to BCH because of challenges within their family. We have the privilege of working with children and their families to help them overcome the specific issues that threaten to tear the family apart. 

Abuse.  Children also come because the adults in their lives have let them down. Far too often, boys and girls suffer abuse, neglect and abandonment at the hands of the adults they have trusted to love and care for them. 



Do you know a child or family who need help overcoming the challenges they face? A referral to Baptist Children’s Homes is not difficult or risky and it can be made by anyone. Children and families are referred by themselves, departments of social

services, pastors, educators, juvenile services, concerned friends and family

members. A referral can be as simple as a phone call or email.

To refer a child or family, call 1-800-476-3669. You may also send an email to or visit our webpage at

1. Hayesville:  Home for boys & girls 

2. Franklin:  Home for boys and home for Family Care

3. Clyde:  Homes for boys & girls (Transitional Living available)

4. Craig Cottage near Ridgecrest:  Vacation home for residents

5. Lenoir:  Home for teenage mothers (or expecting teens) and their babies

6. Thomasville:  Homes for boys, girls & Family Care  (Transitional Living available)

7. Broadway:  Homes for Family Care 

8. Cameron:  Residential wilderness camp aiding boys and their families

9. Aberdeen:  Residential wilderness camp aiding girls and their families

10. Marston: Home for Family Care

11. Pembroke:  Homes for boys, girls & Family Care

12. Kinston:  Homes for boys, girls & Family Care (Transitional Living available)

13. Ahoskie:  Home for Family Care

14. McNeill Cottage at Indian Beach:  Vacation home for residents



15. Asheville:  Adult DDM Home

16. Zionville:  Two Adult DDM Homes

17. Winston-Salem:  Two Adult DDM Homes

18. Asheboro:  Adult DDM Home

19. Marshville:  Adult DDM Home

20. Sanford:  Two Adult DDM Homes

21. Xela, Guatemala: Orphanage and medical clinic


  *DDM- Developmental Disabilities Ministry

Baptist Children's Homes operates an orphanage and medical clinic in Xela, Guatemala.
Baptist Children's Home of North Carolina provides a multitude of services including residential care, emergency care, after care, foster care, transitional living, family care, teen mother and baby residential care, residential wilderness camping, weekday

Residential Care for children is provided throughout BCH’s statewide locations. School-age boys and girls live with professionally-trained child care workers (houseparents) in a Christian, family environment. When the family is involved, BCH’s case managers work with family members to help them identify and overcome their challenges.


Emergency Care is provided on each residential campus.

Emergency Care offers safe, immediate care for a child during a family crisis. Maximum length of stay is 60 days.


After Care is provided to a child and custodian following

residential service. 


Transitional Living helps older children learn the skills they need to live as independent adults once leaving BCH’s care.


Family Care provides supportive group homes for hard-working single mothers and their children. Family Care helps mothers obtain stability so they can provide for their family.


Teen Mother and Baby Residential Care is a group home providing care and parental education to teenage mothers

and their babies. The home provides an on-site day care.


Residential Wilderness Camping is provided for boys and girls in a highly-structured, outdoor environment. Cameron Boys Camp and Camp Duncan for Girls residential program give children and families an opportunity to overcome problems through an alternative education program and group process. The camps are licensed non-public schools. Visit and


Weekday Education is a community program offered to infants, toddlers, preschoolers and school-age care through five-star licensed centers in Thomasville.  North Carolina Pre-K is available.



Community Outreach Ministry offers physical and educational resources to NC families in crisis through the Tucker Greater Vision Center. Services include feeding programs for hungry children, health programs and preventative services, and educational classes to strengthen families and encourage spiritual growth. (Coming Soon)

College Student Ministry aids students who have aged out of the children's residential and foster care system and do not have adequate family support. It offers physical, emotional and spiritual programs and resources to help students achieve success. 

Developmental Disabilities Ministry (DDM) provides special needs adults long-term residential care and the opportunity to reach their highest level of independence in community-based, gender-specific group homes. Visit


North Carolina Baptist Aging Ministry (NCBAM) is a dynamic resource dedicated to serving NC’s aging and their families by providing information and referrals, connecting the aging and their families with resources to meet needs, and coordinating practical ministries.  Visit


Fancy Finds is a unique outreach ministry providing an estate sale service, creative furniture restoration, and “do it yourself” (DIY) classes. It features gently-used and repurposed furniture and home decor items through its upscale resale store in Thomasville. Item donations and volunteer efforts empower Fancy Finds. All proceeds benefit BCH’s statewide ministries. Learn more at


Orphan Care is provided to abandoned and neglected children in Xela, Guatemala through the Good Shepherd Children’s Home. Children receive a caring home, nutritious food, clothing, medical care and other daily provisions.

Cost of Services...Cost for BCH’s services is calculated on a sliding fee scale for parent or relative custodians. DSS custodians will pay based on a pre-established charge.


Accreditation...Accredited by the Council on Accreditation for Children & Family Services. In 2015, Baptist Children’s Homes was reaccredited receiving perfect ratings on 96% of the 1,000 standards that were evaluated.