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Gathering filled with memories

Patriotism was evident in everything one saw and heard at this year’s Mills Home Homecoming in Thomasville. Alumni from across the years, former staff, and current children and staff members gathered July 31 and August 1 & 2 to remember and celebrate the ministry of Baptist Children’s Home’s flagship campus.

“Today is a time to remember the days you spent on these grounds,” BCH president/CEO Michael C. Blackwell said as he addressed those attending the Sunday morning worship service held in Mills Home Baptist Church.

The three day event culminated with the service and lunch afterwards. This year’s program highlighted BCH’s children in care – many who had traveled from around the state.

The worship presentation was directed by Blackwell. Before children sang and shared testimonies, Blackwell urged those in the pews to pick out a child. “Look into that face and those eyes,” he said. “Remember the time when you lived here. As these children share their stories, look into their faces and pray for these children.”

He told the group that on this day, the children who stand here do not stand alone: “You stand with them.”

For the program’s finale, children held cards above their heads with the date they accepted Christ as their Savior. Blackwell asked those attending to “let it sink in.” He then pointed to individuals and asked what year it was when they accepted Jesus. Spontaneously, people began to shout the year they accepted Christ.

As the program drew to a close, Blackwell concluded as he led the benediction, “This has been a time we will not easily forget.”

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